Fellow SMB'ers;

I've been using Samba for many many years quite successfully. But,
for some reason a strange thing has started happening that I cannot
find any reference to. Perhaps some of you readers have seen or heard
of this and might have a solution to pass one?

We running Samba version 2.2.1 on an AIX 5.1.04 server. It has ONE
share defined which points to a filesystem directory.

I map that drive using network neighborhood to a letter drive (say

If I access M: to look at or retrieve a file from the PC with the
mapped drive I can see it just fine. However, if I edit that same
file form the host or delete and rebuild it on the host, then
accessing the same file from the PC via the mapped drive actually
delivers the old/original file content.

If I unmap the drive then remap it then access it, I get the newer
version. I don't remember this happening in the past. Only recently.

What might I be doing wrong to cause this? Or better yet, what can I
do to assure that when a file is referenced it is the CURRENT version?

Thanks all.