I have one machine with Win XP Pro with a HP Deskjet 820Cxi attached, and
another with RH8.
Samba "seems" to be configured correctly - I can see the linux shares in
network neighbourhood and the windows shares (including the printer) using
smbclient and I can access files OK.
When I try to print from RH8
smb:\> print /tmp/test.txt
the file goes to windows and in the print queue, I can see it there but
after a little while the status reads "Error".
In the directory, windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS, I can see 2 files - one
is called 00013.SHD containing mostly gibberish but there is the following:
R e m o t e D o w n l e v e l D o c u m e n t H P D e s k J e t 8
2 0 C x i H P D e s k J e t 8 2 0 C x i W i n P r i n t R A W \
\ 1 9 2 . 1 6 8 . 0 . 3.
The other file, called 00013.SPL, is the document I want to print but
windows has it listed as of Type "Shockwave Flash Object"??
Other relevant information might be
1)The printer's port is the Standard TCP/IP port
2) using "printtool" on RH I cannot get the printer to even receive the test
3) my [printers] section of my smb.conf file has just the normal stuff
except maybe "disable spoolss = yes" and "use client driver = yes" (I read
somewhere I had to include these)
4) Samba version 3.0.4
Thanks for reading all this - I would really appreciate someone's help.