Situation: I currently have an office running on Samba version 3 on a
RedHat 3ES box. The Samba server is acting as a primary domain
controller and is running great. We also have a Microsoft PPTP server
running on a Win2000 server as a standalone box. We now want to join
the MS2000 PPTP server to the Samba managed domain and allow users to
authenticate to the PPTP server using the Samba server as the form of
authentication (instead of local Win2000 user profiles which we are
using today).

Joining the Win2000 PPTP server to the domain is no problem and works
great, but I can not seem to get the PPTP services to authenticate to
the Samba server. When I initially set up the PPTP server (reconfigure)
on the Samba domain it complains about not being able to join the
computer to the "RAS and IAS Servers" group. So I manually created the
group and added the Win2000-PPTP computer to that group. I have used the
"net groupmap ..." command to map the "RAS and IAS Servers" group to
the Unix "root" group. After that point we continue to get
authentication errors. I get errors to the effect of "Could not connect
in a timely manner...", but the error came back within a second.

Question: Is there a basic trick that needs to be done in order to
allow for this type of solution to be put in place? Samba is the Domain
Controller and Win2000 is the PPTP server.

Thanks for your assistance...