(please forgive my bad and poor english, I hope you'll undertand me...)


I'm using Samba, the one included by default with Red Hat 9, as a file
server and a Windows 2000 as a client. They are on the same network
(submak, the Linux PC with as IP address
and for the client Windows). From the Windows client, hen
I explore my workgroup, I can see the Linux/Samba just sometime, not
every time. I don't know why (??) but that's just a little part of the

In fact, it seems there is a "disconnection" after a while... For
example, I create a new Word file on my Windows client and I put it on
the Linux/Samba server. I save it, everything is ok. But, after few
minutes, Word try to save automatically my file and the following error
message comes:

"Word failed reading from this file (file.doc). Please restore the
network connection or replace the floppy disk and retry."


"Word has lost data due to a bad network connection or missing floppy.
Documents relying on this data are going to be saved and then closed."

The problem is not due to the Windows side. I think such a thing because
before I installed the Linux/Samba solution I was using a simple PC on
Windows 98 with a share, using the same workgroup. I changed nothing in
my habits of working. Just now the "server" is a PC with Linux/Samba and
before it was with Windows 98. But I'm using the same way of exchanging
data (the workgroup) and I'm working on the same client.

Should I fix the problem by changing something in the Samba
configutatzion file? Perhaps the following settings will change something?

dead time = 0
sockets options = TCP_NODELAY

What do you think? I can't test it now but your
ideas/expriences/councels will help me to earn time when I will try to
fix the problem (probably this evening, and I'll have tittle time).

Thank you very much for any kind of help!