Can someone confirm this for me? I stumbled upon this because in
going from Pocket PC 2002 to Pocket PC 2003, trying to access a Samba
file share, the PPC 2003 device would not save its password though the
file explorer even though the "Save Password" box was checked. After
a soft-reset, or off-on cycle, I would have to re-type the password
when connecting to the same share. With W2K fileshares this works
okay, but not with Samba file shares. PPC 2002 had no problem with
saving the password using Samba file shares.

Upon further investigation, it seems that PPC 2003 is setting the
NETBIOS name to _CERDRXXXXXXXX (where X is a HEX digit). I saw this
when logging was turned on, on the Samba server. Is this really the
case, and if so, why the change? I thought an underscore (especially
a leading one) was illegal in NETBIOS names.

Any help on this would be appreciated.