I have long been considering moving a couple of Windows 2000 servers
at work to Linux & Samba; the recent release of Samba 3 with all the
new features has made me seriously think about it. I have run Samba at
home for a good while now, but I have never had to delve into it since
all I really use it for is additional storage, and file security is
not a problem in such a setup. I picked up a copy of the samba 3
how-to book last weekend and it has been very helpful in explaining
many things.

Questions still remain though, and before I start playing with it I
want to know how some of you folks out there deal with file and
directory permissions. We have several large shares with many
subdirectories. Some groups have access to everything within that
share, while others only have access to a few of the subdirectories
contained in it. Setting the appropiate permissions in Windows is a
breeze, but Unix can only define a single group with it's
owner/group/world permissions structure, and Samba seems to be limited
by it. To make matters worse I have read that group nesting is not
suppoerted, so there goes that option. The only other solution I can
think about would be to "flatten" our existing shares by creating one
share per group and shuffling directories to the appropiate share, but
that is out of the question.

I'd really like to know how people have dealt with this issue (if it
is an issue at all). Any comments are welcome.