After problems with my current installation of samba for my RedHat 8.0
system, I went to download the 3.0.2a rpm from Trying to
install, it conflicted with the system's current versions
(2.2.something) of samba-common and samba-client, so I removed them
using rpm -e. Installation of samba 3.0.2a then went really weird,
with everything ending up in a "swat" directory, no smbd or nmbd, and
nothing working. I guess I was mistaken in my (now very obviously
naive) idea that they'd be included with the RPM So after some
research, I figured I better get the matching samba-common and
samba-client 3.0.2a versions for RedHat 8.0, but I have been having
the hardest time finding them (if they exist). If there's a
samba-3.0.2a-1_rh8.i386.rpm, where are
samba-common-3.0.2a-1_rh8.i386.rpm and
samba-client-3.0.2a-1_rh8.i386.rpm? If they don't exist, what can or
what do I need to do to install samba-3.0.2a-1_rh8.i386.rpm correctly?
Or should I just stick with the samba* on the RedHat 8.0 disks?