I have two networks, separated by the internet.
One is made up of XP boxes and the other is
a Linux box and some more XP boxes. From
the Linux side of things, Samba works perfectly,
and from the all-XP side of things I can run
"net view" to see the shares on the Linux side.
But from Linux I can't see anything on the all-XP
side by way of smbclient -L (it just sits there,
saying nothing).

Also, from the Linux side, the Samba shares show
up in Network Places. From the all-XP side there
is nothing in Network Places. If I go to the
workgroup, and after a while, it will complain as:
" is not accessible. blah-blah. The
list of servers for this workgroup is not currently

I'm certain this is because both networks are on
different subnets. Both networks emply cable
modems for the net access.

Can anyone tell me how to go about resolving this
issue? I'd really appreciate it.