Hi Guys-

We are a group involved in a project to move an application from
Windows to AIX, and part of the application involves reading OSF DFS
shares, and making the filesystem available to Windows machines
through SAMBA. The conversion of the application has gone well, but it
is our first time using SAMBA and I have some questions that hopefully
are not too dumb, and if they are, we would gladly appreciate being
pointed to any HOWTO's (not that we didn't look for them!) that would
explain how to get around our current problems.

We installed SAMBA 3.0, and we can see it is working in the sense we
can see shares available through our remaining windows boxes, so we
know we're at least doing something right!

Our questions are:

1) We had made the assumption that SAMBA 3.0 would be able to read the
OSF DFS file shares, and make them available as a Windows file share.
In effect, it would be a go-between with the two file systems. Are we
correct? We can find all kinds of documentation hinting at this but no
documentation that spells it out for us (probably too obvious for
SAMBA old-timers, but we're just going back to basics in making sure
we're operating under the correct assuptions).

2) If question #1 is correct, is there any special configuration,
compilation, or invokations we need to do to make SAMBA use the
DCE/DFS credentials? For example, on AIX, when we want to use a
DFS/DCE file share, we use this command:

dce_login dfsuser abc123

(the principal is 'dfsuser', the password 'abc123')

and then the directory /.../remoteoffice.ourcompany.com/fs

is available to us to work with.

When we log in, the DCE principal and password gives us a "invalid
password" error, although our regular AIX logins work splendidly (we
only get the default permissions available to our logins, which is to
browse but not write). Is there a special way to get SAMBA to use the
DFS shares using DCE credentials?

Any hints on what to watch for in the logs and so on would be


(pancakeshead at yahoo dot com)

Here is our complete smb.conf file, just in case there are errors in
it that sharp eyes can spot (we connect to the share 'dfssb'):

guest account = guest
log file = /tmp/samba1.log %m
log level = 8
password level = 8

comment = Home Directories
browsable = no
read only = no
create mode = 0750

comment = DCE - DFS Global Root
path = /...
public = no
writable = yes

comment = Corporate Cell
path = /.../neregion.ourcompany.com/fs
browseable = no
read only = no
create mode = 0750