Hi - I am using Samba 3.02 to do domain logons from a windows 98SE and a
windows 95b machine. This works fine.

I would like to use user-level access on both, but I cannot browse either
computer - I just get "Resource requires password \\-COMPUTERNAME-\IPC$.

The 98 machine is set (by registry) to do plain text passwords, the server
is set to not use encrypted passwords. The 95 machine has pre MS-SMB update
vxds - so should be doing plain text (I think).

When looking at a list of available users under the sharing dialog, I get
The World, Matthew, and a blank user. There should be one other user. Before
I added that user, I got The World and a blank user... ie its lagging one

Ive searched for information on this, but using Samba as a domain
authenticator for win95/98 sharing machines isn't a popular topic, it would

any help/links on where to find info, much appreciated,