I am using samba 2.2.7 on redhat ws2.1 with winbind. I have winbind
working smoothly, and can set share permissions with domain users or
domain groups. I would like to be able to add domain users to local
unix groups, and do samba permissions that way. I have used gpasswd to
add domain users to certain groups. I can see those groups when I do
an "id DOMAIN\user", it shows their domain groups, and local groups.
however, if i set a share to have "vaild users = @group" with the
group containing the domain users, it doesnt work. Anyone know of any
tricks to allow domain users to be in local unix groups.

I realize I could create groups on the domain, but I don't have
administrative rights on the domain, and I don't see any reason why
this wouldnt work. Thanks for the help.