in a few words:
- 100mbit network (at this time just 2 machines at the switch)
- 2 systems (win2k + linux)

- there is NO READING-PROBELM, it supports the full bandwidth
- there IS a PROBLEM during writing to the samba share (transfer-rate just
2,4 Mbit/s !).

steps tried until yet
- NO DNS-service activated.
- instead of dns i typed the settings in hosts and lmhosts on every machine
- i made a kernel-update (redhat9-i686) , last sunday
- additionally installed netbui-protocol on the win-system
- ckecked the status of NICs with properties (windows) and mii-tool (linux),
seems to be alright (100mbit-fullduplex)

RESULT until yet: nothing changes (

does anybody have an idea ??

PS: possible next step is perhaps installing samba 3.x !?
system 1:
WIN2K (NIC : ?)

system 2:
RH9 (NIC SIS900 onboard)

additional hardware:
1x netgear 100MBIT switch