Does the NetShareEnum command in rpcclient (Samba 3) require any
special privileges when connecting to a WinNT/2K/XP host? It works
just fine when connecting as user Administrator or any other user
belonging to the Administrators or Power Users groups, but for all
other users belonging to the Users or Guests groups, access is denied.
In particular, I enabled the Guest account on my PC to allow
rpcclient to query shares without logging on as a privileged user as

rpcclient -U guest -c netshareenum

The above fails with WERR_ACCESS_DENIED, but replacing NetShareEnum
with another command such as SrvInfo works just fine. Is there a
special procedure for allowing NetShareEnum to work as Guests or
Users? Better yet, is there a way to connect anonymously and query a
list of available shares?

Thank you,