I was having trouble reading some data on a very simple (and
small) netCDF file, on a volume (Sun disk) mounted with
Samba protocol, using IDL 6.0 on a PowerMac G4 running
Mac OS 10.2.8.

If the test file is physically on the Mac, no problem.

If the same test file is read on a volume mounted with
Samba (smb://...), problem (corrupted data load in memory).

Note: a UNIX 'cmp' command (run in a Mac Terminal window)
does not flag any difference between both files !!!

cmp /Volumes/home2/blanke/angle.nc /Users/g4/Documents/angle.nc
smb-mounted file local file

Solution: give up Samba mounting, and use NFS mounting instead
(kindly suggested on newsgroup comp.lang.idl-pvwave)