i know, yet another WAY ot post, the usual disclaimers and accolades to
the members (whom s/b flattered ;-). not looking for any specific or
step-by-step advice, just any related experience and general discussion.

after a few years of absence, i have just installed linux onto a home
node, one of three or four on my lan. printing used to be the final
hurdle for newbies and this was no exception except that i did not
install a local printer.

some futzing around got a printout on a Win98 host (the only
printer on the lan). the same printer works just fine from the local
host and an XpPro node. the linux host is a different story, requiring
a minimum of the "todos" filter to avoid the stair-step output. and
smbclient does _not_ seem able to send a graphics file of any type.

Question/s: does anyone here send graphics files to a Windoze printer?
the Win98 host required no setup to allow printing after adding the RH7.0
host, it just worked (the printer was already shared). can i do what i
want w/o installing and running the full samba suite on the Linux node?

yes, i have purused the net, found lot's of good stuff, w/o which i would not
be this far. again, just looking for some experience and general guidance.
asking for Followup-To: rec.crafts.metalworking. thanks! --Loren