I've found that my file transfer performance was way below expectation
for a 100 mbit network. I'm trying to copy files from a Windows 2003
server to my Linux host. I've mounted the share from the 2003 server
using the following command:
mount -t smbfs -o credentials=/root/.cred //w2k3/public /root/w2k3
My copy command is the following:
cp /root/w2k3/*.gz /root/software

My system is running the standard server install of Fedora Core 1. No
patches or upgrades...just what ships with FC1. My Linux host is
running as a guest session through VMWare and the W2K3 server is the
host operating system. I've had no problems with Redhat 8.

I discovered a thread where someone else was having a similar problem
and adjusted the SP_SNDBUF & SP_RCVBUF values down to 1648 from the
default of 8192. This seems to have had a positive impact on my file
transfer performance (acceptable now), but the server acts a little
sluggishly during the file transfer.

I've rebuilt my system twice and I get the same results each time. Is
this a known problem? Anyone know why this happens? I suspect that I
am sacrificing some performance with the smaller buffer size, but
otherwise, it is unusable at any higher value.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has had this experience, and found
other ways to more efficiently resolve it. Or perhaps this post will
help someone else having the same problem.