we have a a problem with our printers.

If we try to install the drivers, windows2000 identifies the "HP Laserjet
5000" as "HP Laserjet 4550N" and the "HP Laserjet 4550N" as "HP Laserjet
5000". When we install the drivers windows finds, then we can't print on the
Laserjet 5000, but we can print on the color printer 4550. But just in
black, not in color.

If we try a new install of windows2000, a fresh formatted harddisk, and
wants to install the drivers, then I have the same problem. Thats why I
think its a problem in samba.Are there any other file than the smb.conf
associated with the printers / shares / anything else... ?

Thanks for answer,

Sebastian Böttger
Systembetreuung IfKW