This one gave me a headache yesterday:

Last updated version of KB824141 hotfix on a Windows 2000 workstation in
a domain with Samba PDC has the following consequences:

1. When a user with a mandatory profile logs on, it doesn't load the
profile correctly. The cached profile looks like a default profile -
empty directories except for the NTUSER.MAN. No Desktop, no Application
data ... nothing. A verbose USERENV.LOG gives a nice list of dirs and
subdirs added and reconciled with result [OK]. But they are not there!

2. If the patch is installed without SP4 being installed it raises the
Roaming Profiles Security problem (normally raised by Windows 2000 SP4)
but does not install the corresponding "Do not check for user ownership
of Roaming Profile Folders" local group policy in the administrative

Emil Petkov