About 2 weeks ago I upgraded our samba server from 2.2.8a to 3.0. The samba
server is a PDC running on Fedora. Now I am seeing the following error
message in some of my Win2000 SP4 machine event logs every 2 hours:

Changing machine account password for account P2450-2$ failed with the
following error:
The stub received bad data.

These are the machines that have been connected to the network the longest,
so I suspect in the next few days all machines will begin to show this
error. I understand that the Windows machines try to change machine
passwords every once in a while, and now it seems that they can't.
Everything still seems to be working in spite of this. The samba server
still uses smbpasswd as the password back end. I hope to migrate to tdbsam

Any help with this would be appreciated.