Hi there,

I have had Samba and winbind set up and working fine for several years
now on a linux box (Debian... was stable, now it's a relatively
current testing). I use the 'username map' directive to point my NT
account at my linux account and after upgrading from 2.x to 3.0.1 I'm
having problems with my home directory.

Under 2.x when I accessed the share \\linuxmachine\linuxusername from
my NT account on my NT machine samba treated my NT account as if I
were my linux account and gave me my linux home directory as that
share. Now it's not. If I leave the configuration as it was then Samba
gripes about not being able to find the directory
/home/domainname/ntusername. If I create a a symlink from that
directory to my linux account the share appears but Samba is logging
me on to it as my NT account rather than my linux account. However, if
I access a 'manually' created share Samba logs me in as my linux

It appears to me that in version 3 Samba is interpreting the username
map function after it decides what the home share of the account
trying to connect should be and that in version 2 it did it before.
Does that sound like a reasonable assumption and, if so, is there any
way around it? Have I found a bug, a feature or just shined a
flashlight on my ignorance?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'd be happy to try to
clarify my probably very muddled explanation.



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