Hi all,
Seasons greatings,
I have a Samba server, which has been running for a couple of years,
acessed by Win XP & Peanut linux without probs til recently.
I upgraded Peanut Linux to latest version & installed Samba 2.2.2-1.
Now i can not write to the share from Peanut box as user but can from
XP box. Mount point is owned by user andy who has full rites to it.
When I mount share as root with the following, "mount -t smbfs -o
user=andy //florence/data /data" & give correct password when prompted
the mount point /data is the owned by root & user andy cannot write to
it. "chown andy /data" gets .... "chown: changing ownership of
'/data': Operation not permitted."
I have had this working in the past but have forgotten how to get
around this situation.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved