When using the file explorer under Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile) to
connect to a Samba file share, if the "Save Password" box is checked,
the device DOES NOT save the password. After authenticating
correctly, if the device is soft-reset, or simply turned off and on,
and an attempt is made to re-connect to the same share, it prompts for
the password again. This was not the behavior with PDA's running
Pocket PC 2002 software. Under Pocket PC 2002, when the "Save
Password" box was checked, the password was indeed saved. The PPC
2003 device has no problem when connecting to a share under Windows
2000. It does save the password for W2K shares.

After turning on logging in Samba, the only difference I could see
between the Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 connect dialog, was that
when the PPC 2002 machine was supplying the "name2" parameter, it was
set to the Device ID of the device (changeable under the setting for
the device). When Pocket PC 2003 tries to authenticate, the dialog
show that "name2" is being set to:
_CERDRXXXXXXXX where X=Hex Digit. For Example: _CERDR859D5730
I also see the "remote" parameter is being set to the same thing but
in all lowercase. I don't know if it's the leading underscore that
has something to do with this or not, but if the correct password is
put in, it DOES authenticate the share, it just doesn't save it like
it did on Pocket PC 2002.
I don't know where this _CERDR859D5730 is coming from since the device
name is set to something else. Also, if the device is soft-reset it
contructs a different _CERDRXXXXXXXX string to send.

Any help is appreciated with this problem. I do not know enough about
SMB or Samba to solve it. Thanks