1. Man pages please have VERSION number visible in the top
somewhere. With Samba having fairly frequent updates, knowing
that I'm reading the man page that nominally goes with the version
I'm using would be a good thing (tm)

2. Log levels -- splitting the logs into classes is a signifcant
but I do like the way it's handled in the TeTeX TeX distribution:
Rather than levels, you chose more specifically what you want with
flag bits that are or'd together.

For example:
0 report nothing
1 file access permissions checking.
2 file opens and closes.
4 file lock operations.
8 authentication
16 internal domain controller operations

In setting these up, try to do so in a way so that the lower order
bits are of use primarily for the sysadmins who have to figure out why
it doesn't work, and the upper bits are for the code warriors who have
to look under the hood.

My two bits, and probably not worth that.