I am trying to get my WINXP workstation to report the correct amount
of disk space available on my mapped samba share with no luck. I
added the dfree command parameter to my global smb.conf and have
tested the script and it works great. I even redirect the output on a
duplicate print line to be sure it is being executed by smbd and it
is. here is a sample of the script and smb.conf dfree entry.... what
is wrong...??? no matter what i do the properties of my samba share
always show as 16K used and .97GB free???? also please reply to
pmein@jccc.net if you know what i am doing wrong??? samba v

dfree command = /usr/local/bin/dfree %U

$name= $ARGV[0];
open (OUT, ">>/tmp/space");
$_= `du -s ~$name`;
$result= 5120000 - $result;
if ($result < 0) {
$result = 0;
print OUT "$name $result\n";
print "5120000 $result";
close OUT;