Scott Bolander wrote:
> I have a persistant problem at a client site. This is the error I am
> getting in /var/log/messages:
> Dec 10 09:03:41 fileserver smbd[7652]: [2003/12/10 09:03:41, 0] lib/
> util_sock.c:read_data(436)
> Dec 10 09:03:41 fileserver smbd[7652]: read_data: read failure for 4.
> Error = Connection reset by peer
> No errors in log.smbd
> Here is the Layout:
> Three clients:
> Win2000
> Win2000
> WinXP Pro
> Server:
> Mandrake 9.2
> Samba Verion 2.28
> All current patches and updates installed
> Network card: 3Com 3c905b
> PII-450
> 256Mb SDRAM
> 40Gb Hard Drive (IDE)
> Network:
> 10/100 switched (U.S. Robotics SOHO 8 port Switch)
> Cat-5 Wiring
> All PCs have 10/100 network cards in them.
> Primary use of server is to share Quickbooks files to the other computers.
> This is where the problem is. Once or twice a day they get booted out of
> the client file that they are in. This corresponds with the error in the
> log. This is a big problem for the customer.

First of all, cleanup the smb.conf. Myself and others do not wish to
read through over 200 lines of unneeded sample config.

Next, there are quite a few known issues with Quickbooks and Samba.
However the log messages you posted are not indicative of an issue with
Quickbooks. There are many of these messages in every log I have ever seen.

Do a search in google groups with Quickbooks and Samba as the keywords.
There is plenty of reading to keep you busy.

In particular, I had a case a last year where Quickbooks and Samba were
not playing well together, It was solved by this post.

Samba Setup Guide:
Courier-imap Tutorial:
Tikanni Server Installer: