Gary Roach wrote:

> i'm running a domain with a domain controller running samba 3.0.24 and
> windows xp pro workstations. the user accounts are domain users. i've
> installed office xp using the administrator account on the
> workstations. when a user logs onto a workstation for the first time
> and runs an office app, they get prompted to insert the office CD. i
> don't want this to happen. i was told that if i install office as
> administrator, inidividual users would not have to insert the CD. even
> if they do go get the CD, they're told they can't install because they
> don't have permission. this is because they are domain users and not
> domain administrators. i don't want ordinary users to be domain
> administrators because then they can see the files of other users that
> have logged onto that computer. how do i make these two problems go
> away so that any user can log onto any computer and not have to have
> the office cd and not have to be a domain admin? any help is greatly
> appreciated.
> gary

I responded to your earlier (duplicate) post - again, I ask you: what
operating system is the server running? You mentioned Samba, which
indicates some flavor of *nix - which one? Once you've answered this
question, we can go on from there.

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