Have four boxes:

Windows XP Pro
Windows 2000
RedHat 9.0/Dualboot w/XP Pro
RedHat 9.0
The XP, HP and dualboot can read files. The dualboot in Linux mode will
read Windows boxes jpg and text files, etc. The RedHat box will get as
far as the directories on the Win boxes, but will not show the files
cantained. In Konqueror, the screen goes from showing directories to 0
files when /I select.

When I try to access the dualboot from the Red Hat box, I get aasked
repeatedly for uid and pwd, or a message appears that says samba may not
be running ( on the dualboot). I can ping all boxes from all others, by
name and ip.

So there are two problems here; communications between the two boxes in
Linux and communication beyond directory level from the Red hat only box
and the Windows boxes. Hope this isn't too confusing or obscure. Any
helpful pointers would be welcome./