I am trying to mount a windows 2000 share. I have rxw privileges on
the share- not full.

When I mount and ls -l many of the directories are listed as dr-x...,
NOT write. So I cannot write to the file or directory. But I can
change the permission and then write to them? By default in windows I
do have access to these directories as part of a group with read,
write privileges. But I do not seem to mount it with those privileges.
I must first mount then change the privileges?

here is my mount line from fstab:

//win2000/project1 /mnt/projects1 smbfs auto,users,setuid=setgid=doug,mode=775,credentials =/home/doug/.smb

Useful/not useful facts:
win2000 server,
linux 2.4 kernel,
samba Version 2.2.1a,
mount: mount-2.11g
ls -l /mnt/
drwxrwxr-x 1 doug doug 512 Sep 17 15:49 projects1

ls -l /mnt/projects1/Models/
dr-xr-xr-x 1 doug doug 512 Oct 13 17:26 CDM 3.3.1

thanks for the help.