I am running Samba 2.2.7a from Linux Redhat 9. It's setup with security
level = share.
There's a [prinnt$] share setup.. and printer admins and admin users and
everything to get decent access for a printer admin user.

When i use a Windows XP Prof client and do printer properties on the samba
share, il will display a message that there's no drivers, I type 'no' I
don't want to install them now etc.etc.
When I then try to install the XP driver to the server, the process actually
start, and I can see the drivers arrive at the Linux server. After some
time, Windows reports that 'the media is write protected' and stops the
installation, after having removed all the drivers.

I can see that the drivers uploaded have the printer admin's properties.
Windows than creates a subdir '3' (it's for an HP-840C). This subdir has
'nobody:nobody'. Yes, I have setup a guest user, and yes it then gets the
properties of the guest user, but with the same results.

log.smbd reports that a samba root user has logged in, and it reports that
it cannot rename some dll to this '3' dir.

I am out of ideas.. Someone knows what to do to get this to work?

Many thanks,

Hans Mellenbergh