what i WANT is this:

my linux/unix NIS server will have all the regular unix passwords
in the usual way. when a user changes their linux/unix password,
the new password should get propagated to the samba password file.

i'm running samba 3.0.0, red hat linux 9.

in section of the samba manual there's a "password
synchronization configuration" example. that seemed to be the thing
that i wanted.

the first problem was that the example calls for a pam_UNIX.so
library. red hat 9 doesn't have one. i tried pam_unix.so
and pam_stack.so, no go. in all my attempts to guess, changing
the unix password on the machine that would be the NIS host
updates /etc/shadow
does not update the smbpasswd file.
i've been checking that by doing an ls -l on /etc/shadow and
the smbpasswd file. /etc/shadow is changing, smbpasswd isn't.
i've tried changing the smbpasswd file directly, and that does
change the date on the password file.

i compiled samba-3.0.0 from source. i have red hat's samba
installed, but not turned on.
i copied smb_passwd.so to /lib/security.
i copied .../source/bin/smbpasswd to /usr/bin.

when i change the /etc/pam.d/samba file, i don't restart anything--i figure
since, when i change my solaris machine's pam.conf, i don't restart
anything on it, and the changes get picked up immediately.

does anybody have what i want working under 3.0.0 (or any other version,
for that matter)? what should my /etc/pam.d/samba file look like?
here's THEIR example--is their example wrong?

auth requisite pam_nologin.so
auth required pam_UNIX.so
account required pam_UNIX.so
password requisite pam_cracklib.so retry=3
password requisite pam_UNIX.so shadow md5 use_authtok try_first_pass
password required pam_smbpass.so nullok use_authtok try_first_pass
session required pam_UNIX.so

i typed the above out of their manual--so if there's a typo, that's probably
not the problem. i can't readily cut and paste from the affected machine,
as it's in a closed room.

(is this the right forum for such a question?)
Jay Scott 512-835-3553 gl@arlut.utexas.edu
Head of Sun Support, Sr. Operating Systems Specialist
Applied Research Labs, Computer Science Div. S224
University of Texas at Austin