"sh" wrote in message
> under control panel > system in XP box, i change the domain to linux

> and this can work properly and i can browse the linux share through My
> Network Places in XP box.
> when i log off and log on to 'this computer',the above message is not
> displayed. But when i log on to the linux domain, the above message is
> displayed for about 30 seconds. after that, i can log into the windows XP
> and some files can not be accessed and i can see the network drive that


These files may belong to the \\domain\user. You can only access them when
you are logged onto the domain. or as administrator.

from your previous post:

> after log on to the linux domain from win XP pro, the following message is
> displayed:
> Windows cant locate the server copy of your roaming profile and is
> attempting to log you on with your local profile.Changes to the profile

> not be copied to the server when you log off. Possible causes of this

> include network problem or insufficient security right.
> DETAIL: network name could not be found.
> anyone know how to solve?

It looks like the location of the roaming profile may not be correct (from
the smb.conf file: logon path =) or the permissions do not allow you to
access it.

If you don't need roaming profiles, add the following to your smb.conf:

logon path =
logon home =

Your XP Pro system will use a local profile.

> to the linux server.
> wats going wrong?