I have been tinkering with Samba3 rc2 on a RH9 box for about a week now
and I have nearly everything working that I want. I have the machine
account for the rh9 box added to the win2k server. I even have the
passwords and usernames synch'd between linux and samba. The last issue
I am having is configuring winbind to be able to recognize the users
and groups on the win2k server. Yet, when I add accounts with the same
username and password as the win2k box, to the rh9 box, I can seamlessly
browse samba shares. Also, I am getting an error when I join the rh9
box to the win2k domain.

[root@localhost root]# net join -U administrator%*******
[2003/09/03 18:32:08, 0] libads/kerberos.c:ads_kinit_password(133)
kerberos_kinit_password administrator@CGRTECH.COM failed: Cannot
KDC for
requested realm
Joined domain CGRTECH.

Is this error on the Samba side or is it on the Windows side? I am not
really sure where to go on this one. Other than this, I am happy with
the new Samba.

Rob Muncer, CGR Technologies