I am trying to configure the browsing facility of nmbd in a two subnet
environment. But unfortunately the browsing list is only visible on one

I have set up the following configuration:

router with to interfaces eth0 ( and eth1

router should be LNB, DNB and WINS-server

I use this simple smb.conf. Hosts connected to eth0 are visible to all host
on this site. hosts on eth1 are sometimes visible on eth0. But no host from
eth0 where ever visible on eth1. The log file for eth1 look a little bit
different. I wonder if the following snip should be interesting:

[2003/08/25 22:57:28, 3]
nmbd/nmbd_winsserver.c:wins_process_name_refresh_reques t(510)

wins_process_name_refresh_request: Name refresh for name MINELAP<20> with
IP and is IP is not known to the name.




dns proxy = no

encrypt passwords = true


invalid users = root

max log size = 1000

interfaces = eth0 eth1

writable = yes

obey pam restrictions = yes

security = user

workgroup = neubauer

syslog = 0

netbios name = router

log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m

default = global

wins support = yes

domain master = yes

local master =yes

prefered master = yes

os level = 65

guest ok = yes

guest account = guest

server string = WINS-Server auf router

log level = 3