Today a user reported they cannot map shares from a Samba server. The Samba
is a Sun workstation running Solaris (UNIX) operating system. Samba 2.2.8a
is installed.
Samba is set up to go to a Windows 2000 server for user authentication.
This was
all working fine last week.

I have stopped and restarted Samba on the Sun, then run "smbclient -L
server". The
smbclient command never prompts for a password or lists any parameters. It
with the message "protocol negotiation failed".

When I try to map a Samba share to my PC, I get this message:

The network path \\server\share could not be found

There are no errors in the log.smbd file. A log file isn't even created for
the PC from which I
try mapping.

Would the recent blaster patches have anything to do with this? Those were
applied several
weeks ago to the Windows 2000 server, though, and the client PCs.....