"Clifford Gonsalves" schrieb:
> I have installed and configured Redhat Linux 9.0 server perfectly with Samba
> PDC and everything seems to work fine.
> Need some help on assigning File\Share permissions,
> I currently have 30 users in 3 departments Sales, Accounts, Operations and
> would like to create only one share on my server, would like to call the
> share Data (\\server\data\). Folder /data will be shared as \\server\data.
> /data (All departments should have access to this folder)
> /data/sales (Only sales users should have rights i.e. suser1,
> suser2..........suser9)
> /data/accounts (Only accounts users should have rights i.e. asuser1,
> auser2..........auser6)
> /data/operations (Only operations users should have rights i.e. ouser1,
> ouser2..........ouser15)
> /data/reports (Only the department's heads should have access i.e suser1,
> auser1 & ouser1)
> /data/eqt (Only the operations manager's should have access ouser1, ouser2 &
> ouser 3)
> Again I would like to create only one share and manage the permission.
> Howshould I assign the rights in Linux and Samba.
> File permissions should apply to existing file and future created files.

I'd say create five groups, set the permissions and use the setgid bit
like stated on
(info chmod)

You should also have a look at the "create mask" parameter for samba.

XPost+F'up comp.protocols.smb

Bye, Patrick