Could someone please help me to configure my samba swat so that I can
integrate a redhat 9 personal edition computer into a small lan?

Specifically, I have 3 windows xp home edition computers in a lan. The lan
works fine. File and print sharing on the windows computers is bound
through the NetBIOS protocol. It is not bound through TCP/IP because I have
been taught that the latter protocol would raise the risk of access from the

Please notice that I have home edition xp machines, not professional edition
xp. I have read that there are certain differences in the networking
capabilites of these two programs.

I have a cable modem connected to a switch and then from the switch to the
three windows computers and the one redhat 9 personal edition computer.

All the computers can access the internet. The windows computers see each
other and share files between them. I want to configure the redhat
computer to be a part of this lan for file sharing purposes.

I have samba swat installed and I can access it. Can anyone tell me the
most basic configuration needed to integrate the redhat computer into the
existing lan?

Does anyone have experience in networking a linux computer to a windows xp
home edition computer using the NetBIOS protocol for file and print sharing?

I am sure my question is a common one for those slowly considering migrating
over to linux and I hope that someone will tell me (so that others can learn
too) exactly what needs to be changed in samba swat to make this work.

Thanks in advance for your well reasoned and thought out response which I
certainly appreciate.