A 'HOWTO' about deploying Windows 2000 in a Samba controlled network.
This document mostly focus on setting up and rolling out Windows 2000.

I wrote this document in order to fulfill a subject at school. While
doing this I thought to write this in a general matter so more people
could read the document. While using Samba as main servers in mostly
Windows networks I always found it hard to find information about doing
certain things in Windows. I'm no MCSE-er and do not ambition to be one
ever. I really do not like the Windows OS but found I cannot get around
it. It's clear that the information in this document is very accessible
for a MCSE-er but for others I found it hard to get all information
together and more important FREE. So this document came together after
many implementations of Samba servers and looking up Usenet archives and
other resourceful websites. Hopefully others will find it useful. I'm
always open to suggestions or criticism and can be contacted at:

The document can be found at:




or by following directions on the main site http://www.sphaero.org