I saw a thread where someone was having domain trust problems before. - Has
this been resolved?
I think that I have a similar problem, but I cannot relate them very well.

I have 2 Samba3.0beta2 PDCs that work. - They have machines joined to them
and the users can log in.

I set up a trust relationship between DOMA and DOMB, where DOMA is trusting
DOMB - "net rpc trustdom list" on the PDC of DOMA shows

Trusted domains list:


Trusting domains list:

DOMB S-.....

Now, on the Win2K machines joined to DOMB, DOMA shows up in the login box as
an available domain. However, when I select it and supply a DOMA
username/password pair I am forbidden access.

I do not have winbindd set up on either PDC and their SAMs and unix passwd
databases are seperate. - I suspect that this may be part of the problem.
"net rpc testjoin" executed as a normal user on DOMA reports that "Join to
domain 'DOMA' is not valid" However, executing the same thing as root
reports that "Join to 'DOMA' is OK", so I am not unhappy there. - I did
issue a net join on that machine anyway tho' and joined it to itself. - This
has not changed anything as far as I can tell. - Users can still log onto
each domain, but you cannot log onto DOMA from DOMB, even tho' it shows up
as an option in the login box.

Right, (from DOMAPDC)
issuing "smbclient -L DOMBPDC --user=dombuser" and supplying a password
fails with NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE however, "smbclient -L
DOMBPDC --user=DOMB\\dombuser" succeeds. - Not unhappy there. (Tho' I don't
need to supply a domain to do the same thing against the Samba 2.2.8 PDC)

I put the DOMA PDC into log level 10 and then tried to log in from DOMB
again and nothing appeared in the logs.

DOMAPDC and DOMBPDC are not members of each other's domains (they do not
have machine trust accounts - just a single unidirectional domain trust
account - including the entry in the unix passwd database on DOMA)

When I established the trust relationship it reported success as stated in
the docs.

Can anybody shed any light on this problem?
Has anybody has similar experiences?
Has anybody been successfull with Samba3.0beta2 -> Samba3.0beta2 domain
trust relationships?

Thanks for your time.