I'm trying to upgrade Samba from 2.2.2 to this 3.0.0beta2. Everything went
fine and I installed Samba and started up swat, smbd and nmbd. When I went
into swat, and went to the "status" item, it would just stop loading
anything in the browser, and the log.swat file says it can't load the
ISO-8859-1.so and CP850.so files in "/usr/local/samba/lib/charset". I
looked and there weren't any files in there. I looked at the documentation,
and they mention a make_smbcodepage and make_unicodemap which I think should
help me but it was never built during the make phase, it's not even
attempted because I have a log of the make process. I looked around and I
can't find anything to do to get these shared objects. Any help would be
appreciated, thanks in advance, Nate. Can responses be carbon-copied to
touring_fan@msn.com so I receive them faster?