Whenever I enable sharing on my Windoze XP C: drive, the share name
defaults to "drive_name (C)". This causes problems with mounting it
via my linux fstab folder since apparently fstab uses gawk which can't
deal with spaces.

So, I am looking for any of 3 potential alternative solutions:

1. Force Windoze not to automatically add the stupid space and "C"
following the drive name -- why can't the share name just default to
the name of the darn drive????

2. Figure out an alternative way of addressing the smb share from
Linux without using a space or other funky characters -- e.g., is
their an equivalent dos 8+3 way of addressing the share name?

3. Find a way to get fstab to work with spaces (either by modifying
how it works), e.g., by not using gawk or by changing the script

Methods 1 or 2 would be preferable, since they don't mess with Linux itself.