Vikas Agnihotri wrote in message news:...
> smbmount //server/share mountpoint -o ...
> I ran this command once, got my smbfs mount, fine.
> Later, during search of shell history, I hit enter by mistake on this
> command line again. I thought I would get 'mount point in use' or something
> like I get on other Unixes.
> But, to my amazement, it proceeded to mount the same resource on the same
> mountpoint again!
> Now, when I try to 'umount mountpoint', I get
> umount: it seems that ... is mounted multiple times!
> Well, of course it is, thats why I am trying to umount one of them, but how
> can I tell the kernel which one!
> Questions:
> 1. What possible reason in the world could there be to allow the same
> resource to be mounted twice on the same mountpoint?
> 2. How can I unmount one of them?
> 3. I tried logging out and logging back in, but both mounts came back! How
> is this done? I didnt make any entries in /etc/fstab, this is plain user-
> level mount, root not involved, so shouldnt the mounts go away when I
> logout/login?
> Thanks

I've no idea why this happens, but I had the same thing. I also got
the message you describe, but I found that regardless, the 'umount
mountpoint' had unmounted one of them (as shown by a 'mount'). So then
I just issued 'umount mountpoint' again and that was it totally

Does this not work for you ?

Craig J