Can anyone shed some light on this one? We have a machine that has 2
entries in wins.dat:

"YOSEMITE#00" 1211054894 64R
"IS~YOSEMITE#00" 1211591248 64R

It's computer name, as viewed in Network Identification, is YOSEMTE. I
tried to stop samba and nmbd, remove the "IS~ ", clearing yosemite's
cache with nbtstat -RR, and restarting samba, but the "IS~" entry
comes right back. ping YOSEMITE doesn't resolve, while ping
IS~Yosemite works fine. There's no entry related to YOSEMITE in /etc/
hosts of the wins server.
Also does anyone know what are those numbers between the name and the
IP adress in the wins.dat? How about the 64R?