Hi I have bought a Netgear EVA 8000 multimedia server. In my network
I have 2 pc. One is running Win XP Pro and the other Win Xp Home. My
Win Xp home machine is my main computer ,and its also there i
installed the EVA 8000 software. I have in both the Pro machine and
the home machine added file shares for media content. The EVA 8000 use
SMB the find the files on the network . It without any problem find
all the files on the Win XP Pro computer , but its hopeless the get
the XP home computer to share any files. I have used Etherreal to
trace in the XP home computer and SMB logges in , but when it start to
get the shared directories SMB compain with status_bad_network_name ,
and then disconnect. I have tried everything but I dont know what to
change more. Any ideas what to do?