On Mon, 22 Sep 2008 13:56:24 -0400, Robert Delahunt

> 3) Limit your use of online DVD movies. Consider renting, buying, or
> services such as Netflicks. You can rip a copy to your hard drive if you
> really need to have it "instantly" on your computer. There's a HOWTO out
> there for using mplayer to do this. I think when I did this with Linkin
> Park Live In Texas (I use this example because it's got lots of motion in
> it) it was 700MB .avi.

Susabelle, over at Geek News Central, thinks that *that* is the issue:
killing new media because it competes with cable.


I don't know whether she's right, but she does cite evidence that the
amount of available bandwidth since the dot com bubble is nowhere near