grissiom wrote:
> cannot find -lqt
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

> Does anyone have any idea?

Tha flag -lqt tells the linker to link to a library called libqt but the
linker seems to fail finding this library.

I'm no expert in KDE or qt programming, but on my Slackware 9.1 I have the
following qt libraries installed:


If the path to those libraries would be given with LD_LIBRARY_PATH or the
flag "-L /usr/lib/qt-3.2.1/lib" to the linker the linker would probably be
able to use the dynamic library

However, on my Slackware 12.0 system I don't have any Instead I


I'm only guessing now, but maybe libqt-mt is some multithreaded version of

I can't tell for sure if your problem comes from looking for the wrong
libraries or if you are missing some libraries.

regards Henrik
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