problems@gmail wrote:
> > Q - is something cached once the is loaded ?

Sylvain Robitaille wrote:
> You probably need to run ldconfig. See "man ldconfig" for details, as
> I gather from the rest of your message that this has to do with trying
> to run an application under a chroot environment.
> > I don't want to run the apl. from partition/installation B, and
> > I don't understand exectly how 'chroot' works when I use it to
> > run other apls. which are on other partitions.

> If you want to use chroot, it might be worth your while to understand
> how it works. It takes some reading (see in particular "man 2 chroot"
> followed by "man 1 chroot"), but I think that once you understand how
> it works, you'll have the answer to your problem.
> > Q - does chroot merely replace the dir tree ?

> Chroot changes a process' view of its "root" directory, thus the name,
> from "change root".
> > and what about the environment variables which expect files;
> > do that just hope to find the files in the corresponding
> > position on the new-dir-tree ?

> Everything that the application "sees" and tries to (and can) access
> is relative to the new root directory. This is why running some
> applications under a chroot is even desirable.
> > Q - is it possible to mount partn-A, after chroot from A to B,
> > to get access to files in the 'original' partition ?

> See "man mount", and look for the "bind" option. That should help
> with this.
> I hope I've helped ...

Thanks, the info chroot's idea of copying the executable and its libraries
over to a /tmp/ 'new root tree' sounds good.

== Chris Glur.