On Wed, 02 Jul 2008 12:51:58 -0700, jipksa wrote:

> You have given up eternal bliss
> and eternal happiness

you seem to have a faulty distro at hand!
though the md5sum may have matched at the time you
thought it would have, you'd better also check the
sha256 sums.
they're much less vulnerable to huge values of 1 or
to vast values of 0 than the basical checksum.

In case it'd fail to achieve what you thought you
believed what it was supposed you to think you believed
that you were thinking you should believe what you
thought was belief, then maybe try a simple reload,
maybe even a reset, a reboot is probably not mandatory
as the faulty circuits are between chair and keyboard,
though some cases were reported were it was simply
a b0rken dick2corteX daemon, in this case just get the
last correct version of men and mice libs and
go for a lint and and a make.

PS: you can send this article to users && (bro|sis) as well.