I use an RS232 link to connect to my Slack 10 box. I rerouted lilo
messages and kernel stuff to S0. This works fine.

My problem is, that the
kernel, during booting is looking for a 8042 keyboard controller which
isn't there. This causes a flood of error messages (all identical) and
large time outs (30-60sec!), and on top of that, it happens 2 times.


pc_keyb: error controller jammed (0xFF) <- this gets printed a lot of
Keyboard timed out[1]
pty: 512 Unix98 ptys configure

Then a quick message I did nnot get and then the above once more. Then
everything works fine. I get a normal login at the prompt at the end
of the boot.

I must day, that my append in LILO does contain 2

So I allow both "normal" console and serial port console....

Any hints?