The Compaq Presario R3000 (Intel)

The ATI Radeon 9100 Mobility graphics card works very well for being
ATI and supports full 3d acceleration.

The volume buttons work like a champ after I set them up in .Xmodmap

Nearly everything seems to work well.

The few problems I have had were:
The IBM Hitachi 60GB 4200RPM 8MB Buffer Laptop Hard Drive (Model:
IC25N060ATMR04-0) seems to have some reliability issues and acts a bit
slower than typical HDs. One day it nuked my swap space, and once a
month might hang something randomly if you are over working it.

The Texas Instruments PCI1620 (4in1 SD, MS/Pro, MC, SM Internal Card
Reader) doesn't seem to work under Linux at all. Even though
everything appears to be set up properly, including kernel support. A
quick alternative is getting a USB SD card reader for 17.00USD that
comes with a 1GB SD card.

The BCM4306 WiFi did not work properly with the b43 proprietary driver
(signal strength was horrible and the external toggle button failed),
and did not work at all under the bcm43xx driver. An easy fix was
installed ndiswrapper with the actual drivers that came with my
Windows Applications DVD that came with the laptop, and wifi-radar as
my WiFi manager. A few simple lines placed in xinitrc took care of
everything for me.

Stand-by and Hibernate have many issues I haven't resolved yet. They
don't want to turn on the LCD when they restore. But, I don't use
those modes anyways.

Fn+F1 and Fn+F4 don't seem to want to be mapped (xev doesn't detect
them), but all of the other function keys have no problems.

In conclusion, The Compaq Presario R3000 is great with Slackware