Hello group;

I run a couple of mail servers, based on Slackware 12, in which I have to
deal with the SPAM problem.
Both boxes run Postfix with SASL auth, Dovecot and ClamAV/clamsmtpd. I have
a strict policy in place to avoid the servers being abused, as well as stop
as many SPAM during the SMTP transaction as I can. Besides Postfix's own UCE
mechanisms, I use two external policy checkers for greylisting and SPF.
Everything works as expected until I try to receive a message with a domain
literal in the RCPT address... The perl-based SPF daemon caughs and the
remote server gets a 451 in response. I'm using the perl script found and
maintained at www.openspf.org .

As anyone in here been using a similar setup to this and found the same
problem? I found nothing pertinent in Google...


Paulo Costa

I don't have a sig...